Elimination of Frustration Through Poetry

Elimination of Frustration

Elimination of Frustration Through Poetry
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Frustration is the cause of mental sickness. It may generate jealously and angers in the mind.

Frustration is the source of mental sick;

It will reach you to the sorrowful peak,

Frustration may destroy mental feel;

Try to conquer it by the power of will,

Concentration of mind is very urgent;

Overcome the frustration from your content,

Meditation can improve concentration of mind;

To achieve the target should not blind,

If you fail to reach your goal;

Mode of goal should change as a whole;

Patience and tolerance can escape it;

Frustration never come if mind befit,

Find out the main cause of frustration;

Control your emotion along with agitation,

Depression from frustration should not confined;

Amusement can change one’s frustrated mind,

Frustration can generate jealous and anger;

Share your problem with your well-wishers,

Man of frustration needs proper counselling;

Do not destroy the progressive thinking.


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