Forest of Acrimony, a painful poem on man's experiences and phases of life.

The Poem explains about a man thinking of his bitter past and tries to bring a change now.

Forest of Acrimony, a painful poem on man's experiences and phases of life.
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Forest of Acrimony is a poem which explains, how a man feels his bitter past and tries to bring new light but he couldn't because his scars are too deep and old to recover. But he goes on to form a fearless and tougher version of himself.

Last heavy string of a violin, smear into my mind

A man’s grudge lies deep inside

Something still left aside, which keeps nailing my spine

Persistent one thought scratches my heart

Lie, lies within which lye the thoughts.


Why a Vagabond I am?

Want to be in all time, all space

Ordeal tyranny of life waits for all

And there lies grease of terror in my joints

Have to face the catalog of emotions.


Love, Happiness, and Joy

Could never be mine

Lord least gift me silence in acrimony 

No! says the Lord

Why? says my heart


No fear, I have 

Everything I have is fearless mettle

Lead the humanity and roar

Barrage opens, the world awaits

Walking like the cougar. 


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