Life is Unpredictable

Life is always full of turning points and unexpected reality

Life is Unpredictable
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Life is the twist of our ways, u can't see them Twisting but only feel, it has its own style no one can understand is something far from our thoughts and view.

The day was silent and nothing was new, 

I was looking for but that was far from my view  ||

Something was their I don't know, 

I was waiting for it to understand before the time it will go ||

Oh there is alot of darkness over the light, 

I wanted to clear it but it was far far from my sight ||

Yeah it is full of expectations and dream,

It was my life standing there with needs and I was stairing At him ||

The day was silent and nothing was new,

I was looking for but that was far from my view ||

I wanted to feel and tell her that I want you ,

There are many ways to go More  and dreams still depending on you ||

Known fact is that you cant Understand 

The nature,

The way it makes you know it proves herself a great teacher ||

It will call you from The heights and hard time ,

Make u strong as decisions and Dream full of rhymes ||

U will catch new ways and turns ever then and now ,

U will start moving and it will tell you how  ||

The way u will see it will look like the same ,

The only reason of urs to be loved and get fame ||

The day was silent and nothing was new

I was looking for but that was far from my view ||

U r the rider but you cant go on ,

It will surprise you but u can't move on ||

Day by day the expectations will grow 

Time will also move go and fro ||

U will be the reader of ur book of life and it's nature

U will be the star cast but not feature ||

Next day again u have to see at it ,

The scene was the same as you new it ||

That day was really very silent and nothing was new,

I was Looking  for But that was far from my view ||



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Your writing is beautiful!Keep writing...


Thank you so much


If it wasn't unpredictable, it wouldn't be life. It would be mere existence. If you look at the bright side of it, it's fun that life is unpredictable. If you knew what is going to happen the very next minute, you wouldn't be as thrilled or excited to live. If something goes according to your plan, it's great. But if it doesn't, it's even better. Because this unpredictable nature of life is what makes living interesting. We are able to have so many new experiences in life, learn from our mistakes, rejoice our victories, meet new people and learn new things. If things don't go as per your plan, it's okay. It's only a phase. It will pass. What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger. We are like pencils. We need a hand to guide us. We make mistakes that may be undone, but it leaves deep marks just like a pencil does even after what it wrote has been erased. And just like a pencil needs to go through the ordeal of being sharpened before it can be pointed and sharp, if you go through a bad situation, know that it's for your own good. You only emerge to be a better and more experienced person.


For sure life is unpredictable hence we must not play with life


Yeah sir we should not play