Looking At The Sky

Chasing your dreams

Looking At The Sky
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We all dream to achieve something or the other in our lives. But, many of us do not give it a try or give up easily before chasing our dreams completely. My this poetry will take you through this journey and will empower you to go and make your dreams come true.

My most favorite hobby is,

Looking at the sky.

Where there are only stars and the moon,

And the sun goes away feeling shy.


There I see lots of stars,

Blinking in the sky.

Which makes me feel that,

I can also fly.


Fly with my dreams,

To reach the sky.

Where there will be no one,

To act as a spy.


I want to shine like a star,

And will definitely give it a try.

Since this is the only life we have my friends,

So move on and don't ever feel shy.


Now, start chasing your dreams,

To reach the limits of the sky.

And never let sorrow or lack of confidence,

Come along the path of your dreams to act as a spy.


It's a beautiful life,

Just like so many stars in the sky.

Don't waste your precious moments,

To feel bad or to cry.


Keep looking high up there in the sky,

And you will make your dreams come true,

Just give it a try. 


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