Since He Left Me - My personal poem on the loss of my loved one

My own poem on the loss of my beloved

Since He Left Me - My personal poem on the loss of my loved one
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Death of a loved one breaks our heart and shatters our soul, leaving us feel that life is meaningless . Yet , we have to learn to be strong and move on because life doesn't stop for anyone, not even you, not even me and not even our beloved. Yet we could sense their presence all around us, in the air we breathe, the sky we see and in our heart as well.

My eyes are filled with tears,

The wind is getting cold,

I hear sweet voices in my ears,

Whispering me to be bold.

I could hardly see anyone,

But it was a feeling I could remember,

A secret that I’ve told no one,

That my sweetheart is in a slumber.

He gently passed along a breeze,

To make me realize his presence,

For a moment it made me freeze,

To lose myself in his essence.

Then I just turned on the light,

To see his face for once,

But nothing came to my sight     ,

Since eighteen long months.

I lost the meaning of my life,

I'm haunted by the memories of you,

But someday I'll end this strife,

And break free from the blue.

May we understand that death is also an inevitable phase of life and overcome the grief of the loss of a loved one with strength and courage. Death may take the person away from us but never the love we have for them, for love is immortal.


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