Life of a Mother

A Motherr's Tale

Life of a Mother
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The best thing in this world is to become a mother and hold your baby in your arms. My this composition is depicting the feelings of a mother about how she feels once she enters her new birth as a mother and what becomes her priority thereafter.

Every girl on this earth,

Dreams to become a mother.

And it is said to be,

The most precious blessing to gather.


The moment I conceived my baby in the womb,

Made me start feeling like a mother.

And the moment I held my baby in arms,

Was the best feeling that can't be compared to any other.


It has changed my life forever,

By adding a fairly new chapter.

It's really a blessing in this world,

To become a mother.


Sometimes those sleepless nights,

And then sleeping hugging together.

It's really a different feeling altogether,

And makes you feel like a mother.


When the baby grows and starts walking,

It really looks like a wonder.

And this is the moment when you say,

Hey my baby, come to your mother.


When your baby,

Calls you first time 'Mother',

Believe me guys,

It's the only word you want to hear,

One after the other.


When you become a mother,

There are no more worries for you to bother.

All you want there to be is that,

To see your baby growing healthy altogether.


I would like to say this,

On behalf of all the mothers,

That it is the best feeling to see,

Your kids and your family altogether.


We mothers do not ask for anything other,

Just that our kids and family live in  pleasure.

And we always keep telling our god,

Thank you so much for making me a 'MOTHER'.



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