Best friend is a lie!

Best friend is never a lie

Best friend is a lie!
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My this poetry is on Best friend, it may seem confusing to you but when you will give it a read you will understand it all!

We fight some night,

And felt so right,

That crazy texts,

Having hateful lies,

I thought and realized,

Best Friend is a lie!!

That red swollen eyes,

That cried all night,

We tried to smile,

But then realized,

That nothing was right,

And nothing was good,

I waited for your call,

And you were looking for my text,

That was killing us like hell,

Like nothing was left,

I was feeling for what I had done,

But you were brave enough,

To say sorry by yourself,

Then you came to me,

And hugged me so tight,

And I forget what had happened,

And started to smile,

I thought and realized,

Best Friend is never a lie!!


Best friend forever can't be a lie..


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I don't believe you because lie is not good thing and it cannot be a friend it is always like a enemy


I think you just haven't read the article.First read it and you will get your answer..


Now I understand. This poetry tells something about the struggles of having a best friend but it also tell of the memories and journeys in the timeline of friendship. Thanks for sharing this friendly poem.