Here the doors of love are open for everyone...

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This was a small trial once written to cherish the mingling of the cultural and visionary essence of India.

A young lad with dad
On the two rolling wheels
Ice-cream bar and bit rusty street
Gladden withal;
Meagerly appease
 Four on polished streets...

Flying of kites;
Few kite runners
Few onlookers...
Hanging out on the roofs
Is beatific
Rock and Roll parties
Cram compartment rooms…

Expression of love
Winded in endearment of dear’s
Letter with an angelic ingress in family
Nihility pleasure
Exists in round the clock virtual screens…

Sharing the
Values governed in love with dad
Finger licking food with mom
Jollity with siblings
Brings warmth
Torments desolation
Old parents in tears
Painful love for dears…

My vision for India
Dreams it, uplifting with each phase
Standing strengthened at the forefront
But soaked in love and essence
Which brings ceaseless warmth


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