Not Today

Just say no

Not Today
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An ode to those who want to say no, but find plucking up courage tricky.

My poem’s an ode to everyone who wants to say no when too much is asked of them but usually, find themselves saying yes. The truth be known, most requesters of our time and energy don’t expect as much of us as we imagine. We torment ourselves, believing rejection is close by if we don’t please people. Nonetheless, if we pluck up the nerve to turn down those appeals we don’t wish to fulfill, self-esteem increases. We are then free to spend time wisely in a guilt-free fashion.

Of course, there are occasions when we want to say yes, and doing so is a terrific way to assist others, forge friendships, and give back to the world. This poem, though, is concerned with being authentic enough, and brave enough, to speak out when we need time to ourselves.


Not Today

Thumping, my heart reaches for the earth

Who opens her mouth wide,

A gaping hole, ready to receive

Yet, despite red cheeks and a terrified expression

A courageous spine-breath rises

And I weave a landslide

Of mottled nerve inside

Plucking confidence from terror

Of rejection’s snare

I become aware of your eyes

Expectantly watching

Your ears, listening with hope

But I remain braver

Than last time,

When I said “yes”

And delving into my resolve

Do not waver

From staunch determination

Or dissolve imaginary confidence

But blurt out “no!”

“I’m unable today,”

Then you sigh and walk away.


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