Ever wonder what a pen can do? Engrossed with the extensive power to create a thought, to change a vision, to pave a direction and what not. To jot down one's cogitation, icy yet fiery enough to induce a war of words and pierce deep in the minds to create an indelible impact. Nothing more powerful have I found in this world than a pen that roars with its ink and gives birth to a belief, to a vision that cannot be undone. Let your pen speak to bring about a difference.

I Let My Pen Speak

My pen, a sword in the Battle of words,

A placid ammunition to induce thoughts,

A prism to the rippled perceptions,

That strews a million seeds of vision,

A vision towards contemplation,

For anticipation.


Expression doesn’t always need a voice,

But a fruitful enduring vision.

I let my pen speak, to voice my vision.


 In a world of abundant rage and ire,

Brutal display of destructive desires,

I opt for an arm, aphonic and icy,

To permeate in mankind,

A sheath of morality.


For I believe,

A sword needn’t be an answer for every war,

If only you had a fountain of mighty thoughts.


A bough , shall I address my pen to be,

That bears the fruits, still raw, undone,

And ripens on the power of my fruitful ink.


Let your choice decent as snow,

Without expecting acceptance

For a day would come when you‘ll be renown

For the voiceless fiery of your pen.


In awe of my indelible ink,

I let my pen speak,

To make a difference,

To inculcate a vision.


To string up my shattered beads,

I let my pen speak. .


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