Bees court flowers

The swelling of internal ground

Bees court flowers
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In the pursuit of supremacy, there are multiple challenges. Sometimes the best path comes to an end when you are just beginning to celebrate. Every person should seek help from the Supreme Being and connect with the inner beings that are loud when everything else is silent.

Tomorrow is just but a name,

The beginning is unknown but the ending is grand

Today becomes a memory you will hail tomorrow

Under the extreme heat of internal infernos,

Rejoice not when served with a morsel

For you deserve a planet-sized plate


Once upon a life, time waits for man

But others turn their backs

And time accepts a flight and flies

And crowns the battling four winds

And they bring down the walls of self

The yes-sayers lean with gladness to the standing walls


Eastern door is ancient, but new by each dawn

It lets the sun take a stroll for a day

But, unresolved conflicts of clouds may restrain the opening

Little light evokes darkness of souls and a low esteem

But must flush the junks and hunt for vegetables

And make a path in the thick forest


Optimal desires reside in unknown chambers

So you must knock, until someone wakes

Rest not under the shade of self hate

When failure becomes a custom

Or fill the jar with unworthy tears

Or make long waits in undeserving queues


The ending of battles is sometimes unclear and bloody

And some start their days with a gin, others with a tear to Him

Cries are from failure, and failure is from monotony

Monotony is from unfamiliarity, and unfamiliarity is from His absence

His presence crowns success and success kisses joy on the lips.

Be silent and pay attention to details.


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