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Delicate one, speed slow

Zero rushes

Delicate one, speed slow
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Human beings are unable to hide their emotional weakness when a thing happens at the wrong time. Time and action live in different cities and sometimes, they walk parallel to each other, but many people inflict pain on themselves by forcing things to happen. The best thing is, accepting the situations in spite of the difficulties and giving nature its duty.

If the happy and glossy lips praise you not,

Delicate one, speed slow


If the ultimate person recognizes thee not,

Delicate one, speed slow


If the inner being rejects the outer,

Delicate one, speed slow


If unqualified to offer love,

Delicate one, speed slow


If disqualified from strife and squads,

Delicate, speed slow


If cancelled out from the Tops,

Delicate one, speed slow


If their notice of thee is vague,

Delicate one, speed slow


If the new task challenges your aged brain cells,

Delicate one, speed slow


Delicate one, speed slow

For you cannot afford a lifetime marathon.


Know when to walk, crawl or run.

Be strongly hesitant to launch when unprepared.


Delicate one, speed slow

Respect the blurriness of when


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