Broken glass

Shattered heart

Broken glass
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When I think about the breaking of the heart the breaking of glass comes to mind. I picture them both as the same thing. Through out my life I've had my heart broken many times, and all those times during the worse part of the pain, I could always picture glass slipping from a hand, hitting the floor, and shattering into many pieces. That is the picture I tried to paint with this poem of mine. Please enjoy. :)

Go ahead, 
don't be afraid, 
compare it to broken glass, 
it's the same thing 
as it's shattered 
on the floor, 

both layed out 
scattered in many pieces, 
hanging on to hopes 
of one day being repaired, 

it's broken because it was 
treated in careless ways, 
not held tightly, 
and left unattended to, 

it knew it wouldn't be long 
before an accident occurred, fingers slipping on the handle, 
it will soon be dismantled, 

all the while 
it is wishing that it 
had someone better, 
someone who will cherish it, 
and treat it for all 
that it's worth, 
not someone 
who just uses it, 
to quench their little thirst, 

as it lies on the floor 
in small fine pieces, 

it just hopes someone 
comes along, 
and accepts it for who it is, 
seeing the beauty behind 
the scars, 
and the bruises, 
And putting it back together, 

and with that type 
of hope, 
that shows that it still 
wants to live, 
but it waits 
for that love 
that really wants to give, 

but once it's back 
it knows it will never 
be the same, 

cause some fragments, 
and fine pieces 
will be missing 
never to be filled again, 
unless that person 
is the one 
who can be the special mend, 

someone who can hold 
it tight, 
never to let it slip, 
holding it with two hands 
with a real firm grip, 

filling those spaces with 
love that it needs, 
cause a heart 
is like a glass 
it should never be freed 

Jason lamorris rivers Copyright ©2010


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