My body, my choice

Body shaming

My body, my choice
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When a woman tells her story then only she has the right to say if she is beautiful or beyond materialistic beauty. Body shaming is cruel and insensitive. Not everyone wants to look like a model or an actress. It is time to look beyond bodies and bodily identities.


I announced a new body type

and the protocol is still on hold

as I have cellulite

and I want to walk with my fatty thighs.

Beware! I am rumbling with confidence

to fight these neurotic stereotypes.

Yes, I am fat and beautiful

and I don't mind dating a guy 

who is intellectually virtuous to admire 

what I do and what I am known for.

My profound beauty lies in my talent

and being imperfect makes me a crazy sagittarius.

I don't want people to peep in between my thighs

and exclaim, " oh, pretty face with belly fat".

But I will honour people who understand

that my body is flexible, even then...

My body is shaped by my choices

and I am not loosing my belly fat

because that is the best way to sensually touch me.

Do you mind yet?

If you mind, then notice my irresistible charm

which is beyond any body prototype.

Oh worldly trash! people with ideologies of body shaming

are absolutely creepy and 

they cannot change my  power to lead the world

with my fatty thighs and a broad mind.

Do you mind yet? 

If yes, then get a mind for yourself first.






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Thank you everyone for appreciating my poem.


Sometimes, we have to blame it in the society for having such stereotype. We have to remove this by teaching our children that physical beauty is temporary but inner beauty lasts forever. Thank you for this beautiful poem.


Thank you!


The title says it all. Why don't we have the choice that is our's very own? Does the society really have any role to play in it? Or do you think it's all us whom it depends on?








Really good




I call it the pretty people syndrome, that get special benefits and treatment just because of their looks. They treat anyone they feel is not as beautiful as they think they are like crap. They go through life mindless of higher thoughts than hair and nails. Many of them are uneducated and dumb. Be yourself and be proud of who you are, everyone is beautiful. This poem touched on a real problem in the world and brought it to light. Well done.


Thank you!!


Thank you for your appreciation.