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Light of Education and Culture

Light of Education and Culture

Light of Education and Culture
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Education and culture are fulfilling each other. Culture is the main tool of illumination of knowledge.

Education and culture; fulfilling each other,

If education is light then culture is lighter,

Education is considered as pillar of knowledge;

Culture does circulate the philosophical image,

Education acts as the knowledge builder;

Culture does expose the quality of manner,

Education depends on school, college and university;

Culture can develop the sense of amity,

Education is studying on various subjects;

Culture is ornament of social aspects,

Education is necessary for career fulfil;

Culture can enrich the education skill,

Education is source of knowledge creator;

Culture may also be professional career,

Fruitfulness of education will be in vain;

Enlighten not possible if culture be stain,

Education is father of modern civilization;

Culture is resource of human sophistication,

Education and culture both are useful;

To illuminate knowledge; culture main tool.


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