Being a poet

The thrill of leadership

Being a poet
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The birth of victory is a personal responsibility. Sometimes luck evades you, but what matters most is your next step. You should strive until you get what you deserve. Bruises, dirt, and blood are inevitable, but the crown rests on the head of the one who strives honestly and consistently.

For supremacy of words, my wish was strong

My solo strength was weak, had to hunt brilliancy for a hold

The fountain was within, yet too distant for a rapid sight and grasp

The strife took all summer


Across the horizon, I familiarized

In majestic libraries, I frequented

In deserted hilltops and riverbanks, I dwelled

But had I traveled to the soul?


The push and pull caused a scare

I spent time doing a stare

It was a grand nightmare

Folks labeled me doctrinaire  


I trembled because of age, the wounds of past strife

And the memories of memories made in the dense pine trees

Today, the knife of dreams rests on my palm,

Sharp, strong and stain free and I am ready to make the first incision.



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That is why I believe in the phrase- "With great power comes great responsibility." Leadership is not easy as what others think. It is not about the title or position and it is not about being one who will be served but one chosen to serve. Thank you for sharing this great poem. You are a great poet.


Oh Catherine!I am love with your writes tremendously!Appreciated..