Your Dumb Child!

To Mothers of Dumb Childern....

Your Dumb Child!
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Another effort from me! This poetry is for all the mothers who have dumb children...

I heard the creeking sound, 

I thought it's her, but i was totally wrong

It's was my maid with a cup of milk

I asked her where she is?

She said cursing you for what you have done

I cry a loud, I screamed, i shouted, i pleaded that

I want to drink it with her hands but

she slaped me and said not to tell this to her and told her 

that i finished it by myself

I waiyted a lot for her foots to come in but

instead my dad came and

hits me with his fist


told me the importance my mom make which i burned today

I wanted to ask,

That is  oney more important than me?

Giving milk from the hands from my maid will fulfill her presence?

I wanted to scream that 

but can a dumb child do it?

No, He can't

I wanted to run towards you but

but can a paralyzed do it?

No he can't

I wanted to rush toward you but 

the huddle is the long collidor between you and my heart

Your million dollars can't make me normal but your one touch on my hairs can!

Why you cry Mom when you see me?

It doesn't matter that i can't walk but i can run if you will call me once

It doesn't matter that i can't say but i can scream and show you what i have for you!

those big and foreign doctors can't make me normal but

Your one console can!

Just try it Mom, Just try it!


Your Dumb Child,



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