Diving Into Your Soul

Pelting Against My Heart

Diving Into Your Soul
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A woman's fire builds with vengeance when she's forced to dive into icy waters. For she is the fire trapped within ice. The ignition she feeds upon transforms her spirit. She walk into fire, and descends into an abyss.

I must dive into your soul to feel dark hallows surging through your veins.

For if the hours feed my mind with weeping willow tree, I can conjure up good tidings.

Pelting against my heart is a tortured soul drowning in vengence.  A heart unsung becomes isolated in the black hole.

I climbed inside this vessel, and fed on the rawness of my pain.  Wrapping a band of brothers around my heart, I squeezed out torturous melodies only the meek could understand.

A heart blistered by the dragon's breath expounded with contempt for the greater good.  For no humanbeing should falter, due to misgivings the falcon left in his nest.

I withdrew my sword, and pierced my heart.  I watched it bleed over the earth's body.  You burned my spirit into the ground.  

Cognizance comes with its frills.  I hear your bleeding heart.  Mine prances with death.  For the measure by which I sail stings, but I move on in darkness.

We enter a revolving door.  You exit to the other side.  I'm left behind to keep going in circles.  For me, there is no escape.  This revolving door keeps me chained.

You move forward, but I stay where I am.  I know not a dream where I walk alone.  However, I awaken into a nightmare when the sun always rises.


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