Rum Coated Breaths Float Into Deathly Hallows

Festering Winds Impound A. Grieving Heart

Rum Coated Breaths Float Into Deathly Hallows
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A child's prayer is stolen upon crashing against an aging tree. Woes be still hear shivering heart while she takes her plight. Can she escape from her captor when his heart bleeds unto hers? Or does her will evade her thoughts when her mind is questioned? Only a wilted rose can soothe her in ashes against her flesh.

I walked along a winding road calling out to me in the middle of the wicked night.

My dreams carry me through tears filled with isolation.  Can you hear me?  Can you read my mind?  Where will you bleed me out?

My soul runs thin.  Rum coated breaths float into deathly hallows.  Get away from brass doors whose key you lack.  Push against them all you wish, but steam emerges, melting prints your flesh cannot withstand.

Your are my rain for cleansing my parched pallette.  Drink from this frigid cusp elixer minted in fragrance.  For I succumb to deliver your willful spirit unto elated stars burn me up within.

Festering winds impound trees waving their limbs.  I tremble with grief.  For this is a day of prudence.  You dance up the stairway to heaven.  I collapse.  For where is my song my heart used to follow in tune.  

Notes sour.  My feet no longer carry me;  therefore, the Lord carries me through sandstorms. 


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