Kill the pain

Pain can be dealt with

Kill the pain
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This poem is about learning to deal with pain.

No more tears,
don't let the pain think
that he won.

Do you see him standing over there?
Do you see his sarcastic smile?
He is waiting to see you collapse,
to throw a party.
Don't let pain think that he won.

You are going to climb that mountain,
you are going to reach the brightest star,
the sun will rise,
when you will at least expect it.

Till that happens,
let God of sleep, Morpheus,
sing a lullaby song.

Let him take you to an unknown destination,
it will be just the two of you,
looking each other in the eye.

When you wake up,
when you return from your trip to paradise,
you will be strong enough to shut the door on pain,


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Beautiful writing!I loved it!


I didn't understand the topic


hope my poem helped you in some way......


Many of people carry pain within their hearts. I carry more than most and have not handled it the best ways I could but have learned how to beat some of it. I will never give up or give in to something that is not good for me. I am strong when I am weak, and stronger when I am strong.