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I Tried Hard to Escape


I Tried Hard to Escape
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Most of the time in our life the struggle that we have is with yourself. Freeing and liberating the inner YOU is most of the times the answer to the most deep routed troubles.

I tried hard to escape.

I tried to spread my wings

I knew I was in there somewhere

But I wasn't’t able to see


My vision was obscure

And soon I got engulfed in the never-ending dark

It was suffocating and I drifted off

I dreamt of myself, a different me

Hard to recognize but definitely me


I seemed familiar yet not so known

I was happy, I was free

Radiant me hard to miss

I tried drinking as much joy as I could

But soon there was a storm

And my dream became dark.


I tried escaping again,

I tried to remove the darkness

I was caged and I was scared

And suddenly my dream broke

And it was dark again

I realized the darkness was because of me

I realized I wanted to escape from myself and be free


I realized this wasn't’t me

I remembered the 'Me' in my dreams

I knew the key to my escape

It was setting myself free


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Really interesting, sometimes people need an escape from themselves while others are too busy and need an escape into themselves. It takes contemplation to know yourself and know the difference. I love when I read something that makes me think and I can relate to it on many levels.


Thank you. I am glad you liked it. Keep reading and sharing and I will keep posting


Even most of the time, our identities are based from what society should tell us to. What a reflective poem. thanks for sharing.


Thank you. I am glad you liked it. Keep reading and sharing and I will keep posting


Lovely write up. We need to escape from our inner inhibitions to feel liberated


Thank you. I am glad you liked it. Keep reading and sharing and I will keep posting