A Glimpse of the Future

Future in Ruines

A Glimpse of the Future
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The poem on its reading brings into light the future of the earth but it can also be read as the loneliness that a person faces along with the difficulties of the world.

There not a speck nor a spine nor a leaf within the mist of my sight.

I toiled harder as I could but for no good.

I walked and walked for miles but could only see the lonely miles

and felt the hot breathe of the earth

guaging with anger and full of tears 

feeling sad though,but could not bring the tears 

to flow,for I cry and evaporate it goes.

In the solitary confinement I walked for days and nights 

until a thorn pricked my thigh.

AAH!! Awakening myself,seeing back and forth 

found the day in its full bloom , bright and green to its very roots.

Relieved was I for there was,still the cold wind gushing ,

and tears to flow down my face 

feeling pleased of the sight ,planted a sapling

in between the givers and receivers

Thus forming a bond between the two, proving to be a boon

EVIDENT was my glimpse of future...

EVIDENT was my glimpse of future...



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