The Void


The Void
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In the daily hustle of this exhausting life, often we feel alone and in need of someone who understands what it is to be Me. We are trapped by endless things and at the end of the day, just before going to the bed we realise we have been trapped in this cycle of feeling that void.

Trapped in thousand appearances

Trapped in endless facades

Trapped to be someone

Trapped to let it all out at last


A thousand suns have shone

A thousand moons have passed

The never-ending feeling of void, still so dark

Thousand rights and thousand wrongs

Thousand people to judge your past


It is very hard to set it free

It is okay to feel scared to the core of what one might see

There are a thousand stones yet to be turned


One icy peek within the soul

One understanding being to know

Things that only you can feel

A thousand stories becoming a memory


Forgetting what it was to come out of the dark

Trying to forget all that has happened so far

Thousand things you care for

But nobody to understand it all


Thousand voices but yet so mute

Thousand smiles but not true

A thousand things all felt

A thousand things yet to experience

But the only thing that matters at last

The only thing that managed to leave a mark

Is the endless void the never-ending dark?


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