Barefoot Girls

Sweet Memories

Barefoot Girls
Image Source - my own picture that I myself snapped.
These are memories of my country childhood where my siblings and I grew up.It was a quiet country village where children could wander without fear..

On pleasent foggy misty days

my spirit wanders far away

to lovely moments lost in time

a spring below a misty hill

where sweet shrubs bloomed in early spring

and roses wild of palest pink

more fragile than the sofest silk


Barefoot girls walked freely there

scared of niether man or beast

we wandered through the hills and fields

to gather wood to cook our meals

we picked black berries from the briar

for mama to cook her cobbler pies


We picked up nuts on graveyard hill

where mossy graves lay long untouched

yes times were hard and very lean

I would not live that  time again

and yet my heart turns back with love

to sunny days and barefoot girls

and mama at the kitchen door


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I appreciate your comment. I love poetry that reminds me of my experiences. Do you write poetry?


I am reading it again and would love to do it again soon. It is beautiful. I can feel myself being in place of the girl. Thanks for such beautiful poem!! Keep writing


How nicely you described. I loved the poem as it made me feel like one character in the poem. I always love to be very near to mother nature and this poem is in the lap of nature. Thank you for such a nice post.


Thank you very much. I love poetry that is true to life and ones experiences.


A poem which I consider it nostalgic. Your words reflect that you are a good poet. Thank you for sharing. :)


Thank you for the compliment. I appreciate your comment.


lovely poem!


Thank you, I look forward to reading your work.