Affect of Superstition

Bad Impression of Superstition

Affect of Superstition
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Superstition is the mental delusion. It is the blind faith of human being.It has no any scientific based.

Human being carry on two special sections;

One is sacrament and other superstition,

Superstition does not belong to law of nature;

It is one kind of day-dream feature,

Superstition nothing but the mental delusion;

We should not believe any hallucination,

Superstition does weaken the human mind;

In case of superstition, we should not blind,

Superstition does anti-influence on tranquillity;

We should not confine such un-naturality,

Superstition has a lot of bad impressions;

It may be turned into a harmful passion,

Superstition has no any scientific based;

It is the ancestral fictitious made,

Superstition degrade the faith and confidence;

Cosmogony of superstition is ominous evidence,

Superstition access in mind during childhood;

Parent should ignore this irrational root,

Superstition generates by human’s blind faith;

Superstition just a mirage that we mindset.


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