That Stranger!

That Stranger!

That Stranger!
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I had a class fellow who was very rude to me and day by day my dis likeness for her increases but one day she was talking to my teacher and i sit next to her and she was just like me..i asked her that why she don't talk to people on which she said that because i never found someone who is like me but you are kinda my type and i really love talking to you so i wrote a poetry about her!

I used to compliment her, that she is shy and not so sweet

People used to take her name and make me feel irritate

She was annoying because she never respond well

I stoped asking her the day she replied me like I'm a hell

But once i found her talking to someone confidently

I sat right next to her with a little hesitate in my heart

i heard her talking about a topic i discuss with myself

As she finished i asked her about her hobby,

She said im an avid-reader and can't live without reading

i nod my head and said

"Well, Of course im the same"

I asked her about her interests and she replied me like she knows my interests

I stood up with pondering deeply,

that how dazed she left me, how much i see myself in her and before 15 minutes i was believing that she may belong to another world that she don't talk but now i realized that she has lot to talk but to a sensible person

I walked away regretting hardly,

that how selfish we humans are that we don't talk but judge a person from foot to toe, how we don't ask the name but define the whole personality

She took my heart and left me amazed, i felt like she have a special charisma that made me to

write a poetry about her






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This poetry is for all those girl who feel less than anyone else and those boys who make them feel that!.

I am writing a YA novel, name "Enfee and the impossible Escape" and it's going to be published soon InshaAllah.

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