What happens when Prince Bad Luck in

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Always people want success in their life. But blame their luck when they don't get success. This is a satirical representation of the journey of bad luck to success.

I'm prince Bad luck 

I came here in  "desire land" to try my luck.

For my childhood love..

There she is! cheering me up.. 

 Princess of "desire land" and her name is Success

But to marry her I have to cross some hurdles.

My main hurdle is a giant man called Mr.Defeat.

Everyone in the audience was cheering him, Mr. Defeat... Mr.Defeat...

I looked at my love once again, She seemed afraid for me

Then confronted Mr.Defeat, His face was lit up with a glee.

To win, He was confident to the core.

He knew my weakness to the whole.

I acted confident and controlled my heartbeat.

Oops, Something is shivering!! It's my feet.

Without wasting time Mr.Defeat raised his sword and rushed to me.

He ran away accepting his defeat. 

It was nothing great but just a sneeze. 

My luck worked out when he came near.

It was the sneeze which I couldn't bear.

It was so loud that everyone in the audience could hear. 

Suddenly crowd started cheering me.

I went and asked Success, Will you marry me?


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This is another effort from me in which i have talked about the people who cannot speak..Hope you will like it!.

Nature is almighty. Nature is featureful.

Human beings are vulnerable. One feels less of a person when everyone is making progress whereas you make circles for weeks or months or years. .

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Thank you for your response goldstay . It fills me with motivation to write more.


Your poem solely described the true meaning of success. I agree! It is not about luck, it is about sweat, tears, failures and passion. Thank you for sharing this lovely poem.