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Humanism is Religion

Human Religion

Humanism is Religion
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The moral advice of great men is religion. Works for mankind are the part of religion. Honesty and humanity are the two paths of religion

Human religion is the life leading teacher ;

It depends on best characteristic feature,

Serve to people is service to god  is its theme;

Human life will be bright  like sun's gleam,

Religion created by  ancient human being ;

At present, it has been professional thing,

The principle of religion is moral advice ;

Theism may not be the religious price,

Works for mankind is prime religion ;

Religion depends on the holy conscience,

Holy is heaven and sin is hale ;

Practically they are the imaginary tale,

If we want to get happy and peace ;

Charity and mankind should be lavish,

Greatmen preached for human religion;

Religion should not vary on human opinion,

My earnest appeal to all pious persons ;

Don't make difference in religious sense,

Honesty and humanity two religious organons ;

Practically religion is human religion.


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Every girl grows up with the fairy tales. All those girls who are born in 90's or before that definitely lived in fairy tale subconsciously.

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This is a very good post within very important points. Religion has become very political and missing the very essence of charity. Our whole life as humans is to be of service to mankind, creation and the universe at large.


Very nicely presented.I blindly believe that other than humanity there is no other religion exists.Humanity and selfless help leads to divine religion....i felt it.


Being a religious person I found this very interesting. I always like when a rhyme has the ability to rhyme. I was a little confused on where it said human religion, who else's religion would it be. Good works sometimes get missed by lesser minds, I never thought of myself as a lesser mind. Especially with my IQ, maybe the difference in our cultures made my lack of grasping happen. Either way, I liked it and thank you for sharing it,