The Story of the Floods in Kerala

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Thoughts on the 2018 Kerala floods.

The clouds lashed out,

Angry and wild.

like the temper tantrum,

of a spoilt little child.

The water rushed in,

with alarming speed,

and filled the roads

With a ravenous need.

It then collected

in highways and byways,

It rose higher and higher,

To the bus and railways.

It filled up the houses

and climbed over the roofs,

It danced on the street lights,

Pleased with its moves.

The people all distraught,

horrified and helpless,

Begged for relief,

From this menacing mess.

But the rain was relentless,

In spite of their pleas,

So the people began 

to beg on their knees.

They stared at their homes,

so cruelly distorted,

Their usual routines,

they had sadly aborted.

They prayed and they prayed,

till the waters receeded.

The things they had seen

were not what they needed.

They were punished with memories,

to last their whole life,

of the deaths and the damages,

of the living ones' strife.

They were grateful to be alive,

No matter what the cost,

No matter what they saw,

Or what they sadly lost.








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The floods where about to give rise to a man made famine when it went to Hindus and Muslims. But anyhow the hot discussions very supressed by the media.