Ours - A Poetry Written for My boss

This is a poetry I wrote last year for my boss

I made this poetry when I knew that project work made by the company worked with, was about for being a cut-off. So i created this poetry for my boss to make him know that he is not alone to struggle of this occurrence.

Pen is shaking over the paper

Bag is full of burdens

Mind is overwhelmed with the noise

Mouth is clinging to silent

     Get the head up and breath it down

     Fall to the knees to find the answer

     We are here stand still

     Yet, you are not there to  try

Needs to be strong

But it could be wrong

Try to understand

Difficult to interpret

         You are our anchor

         when we are drawn

         We are your light

         while you are a black

Stop to awake for rain

Nothing can be done

Find you in the midst of smoke

Verily awful for us to see this

    Why you ran away from?

    How we meet each other?

    As long time goes by

    Glad you are ours



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Well, a poem for a boss... that's really awesome... I have read poems for lovers and friends, but for a boss... LOL... for the first time. But yes, I loved your creation. And that's the reason why I have replied back.


thank you ~~


What God decides is out of man's expactation. What we think it's going to happen may not be what we expect to happen. The power of prayer is powerful. God hears and answers this. The joy may be back, which we don't expect as reality shows it is not possible. But reality is not always such. Amidst difficulty no matter what it is, kneel down before Him, say your prayer from within your vibrating heart.