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Your Journey of You

Live it or Break it, it's You

This poetry tries to encourage YOU, yes it's YOU.

When life is boring,

No one can make it cheerful, except YOU

When life is sad,

No one can  make it joyful, except YOU


When life is most hap full

No one can make it into a memory, except YOU


When life is unfair

No one can be fair enough with it, except YOU


When life is going off track

No one can bring it on track, except YOU


When life is teaching

No one can get its essence, except YOU


When life is tough

No one can face it, except YOU


When life is full of mistakes

No one can learn a lesson from it, except YOU


When life is puzzled

No one can  understand it, except YOU


When life is glorious

No one can shine more brightly, except YOU


Every ability of making YOU, the one who you really are

Is with YOU only


Do not search for a solution to your problem in the world,

Which is just a Speaking Gadget, Nothing more than that


Life is full of YOU, may sound arrogant, yet it is YOU

YOU the conqueror, YOU the inspirer, YOU the toughest


It's  just YOU,

So pull up your socks for YOUR JOURNEY OF YOU  


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