Let My Heart Drink You

Going away of EC was an unusually sad experience for me. How glad I am to see "his" return.

Where were you, my dear Expertscolumn,

For so many long sad months?

I am so glad you have come.


I am overjoyed to see you again

My long separated friend;

To no one else I could speak of my pain.


I could pour my heart to none;

Though I roamed the worldwide roads,

In search of the escaping, deluding fun.


Hold me in your arms a long while;

Let my heart drink you and quench its thirst.

In morning rays let the darkness smile.


Your face has changed in the pining years,

But I do trust your heart is warmer and larger;

And has strength to drive away all fears.


Let us listen to each other’s story,

You and me together holding each other’s hand;

Let’s climb the peak of new glory.


Promise me EC you will stay around,

That whenever I will seek loving warmth

Close by you will be found.


I don’t wish to take your freedom,

For my selfish desires and dreams.

Be free and feel free to rebuild your kingdom.


After the day’s burdens and care,

I will spend a few moments with you,

My heartbeats to say and share.


Let’s bring back the godly glow

Of community of love, hope and happiness

Let the rivers of creative words flow.


Let’s spread new light and hope

in the world full of darkness and depair

for the souls that cry and grope.


Expertscolumn, lift your banners high

Of your noble ideals to spur us on

To spread the music of columns to distant sky.


The going away of EC was a painful experience for me. I felt as if a dear friend was leaving me; a friend with whom I was just growing in friendship. He was going to a very far away land beyond many seas. He was traveling to a place which was beyond all communication. Writing letters, contacting on phone nothing was possible. I could only wait and wait for his return.

I wandered here and there trying to forget the sadness. He had said the separation was for six months. Days after days passed by, weeks after weeks rolled by, months after months staggered by and six months were over. My eyes were on the horizon for his return. In the eighth month there was news that he was on his way. The news was true.  He arrived. He was there for all to see. He looked different. His dresses made him look different. The voice was same but his accent had changed. My friend had returned. How happy I was to see him again! I can’t express the joy I feel to have him back near me!





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