State of my Mind

A poem depicting my state of mind..

I like to write poems. It gives me a different sort of happiness and pleasure by expressing my feelings in words or more specifically in poems. This is a poem I wrote in class once that depicted my state of mind at that time. Class is a great place to write some good poems (it is for me).

When the lecture gets too boring
When you don't even understand the basics
You know the time is here
The time to write another poem..

This is not the poem I was talking about.. The original poem is as follows

Posting it for the first time so hope you like it. Let me take you to a journey..into my mind..Here it goes..


You are evacuated from this place
Never to come back again
Is there a second chance for you?
Or will you screw this opportunity too..

Strum that last little note
If you know how to row that boat
for the tide will never turn
And your mind will start to burn

You pick up the ashes from the ground
Put them all together without a frown
because the tide has to bloody turn around
And you'll rise again with a deafening growl

Find that inner peace, that strength
From within that makes you rest
Rest for a while, just a while
Until you get up again to fight

Fight your demons, yes fight them now
Make it better, your life but how?
That is all for you to decide
Because the answer lies in your mind

Holding your head high 
Waving past the passers by
Be it mediocrity, sincerity or your own modesty
Your mind will take you past each and every calamity

Your weakness becomes your strength
The bird has flown from its nest
Only to come back stronger 
The prey has now become the predator

Think, think just think this moment
Happiness is merely around the corner, my friend
Stay true to yourself, that's stated by me
Yours truly Joy, you can only be happy if you want to be..


- Joy


Its quite amazing how simply writing a poem completely changes your frame of mind.

When I started writing this I was all down and out (the first few paragraphs) but then it changed to a hopeful me and ended with me being all refreshed and rejuvenated. I'll continue writing more if I get the chance. Thanks for reading.                                                                                                                                                                                               



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