Phantom Time

A poem about closure.

Phantom Time


Life is the fight,

to exist,

to matter,

to be


I am.


I have to urge myself

to not let go,

to stay firm no matter

what happens.

Since letting go

is only

when you

have concluded.


Life is

to keep caring,

to believe

in others.


I have to

see outward, not just at

my own being.

Without that,

I can truly never be finished.


Life is to forget the past,

to be in the present,

to accept what comes.


I have to

face things as they come,

and cherish the moment,

for time is scarce.

Without that,


deserts me,


a distant friend.


Life is

to be unique,

to be the square peg,

the oddball.


I have to

make myself

be unique,

be different,

from others.


Life is an adventure,

with its ups and downs.

Life has a start,

and an end.

But the end,

can only be complete,

with every piece.


To be truly finished,

I need to conclude things properly.

Only then

will the feeling

of lacking


Only then

can I let go.


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