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Reaping the sins

Power of Forgiving is a blessing

Reaping the sins
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Happiness originates from forgiveness, and repairing our distorted soul by mindfullness.

So much that we do not know !

about how much that,

which we did sow !

and once whom we cherished as friends,

When in their dark intentions

Dreaded dream for us, they bore ?


Still almighty, shine through us,

To be more loving,,

Drenching all our ill feelings,

Like a born new.


No intentions , we should wish to know

Like a dew drop all our love bestowed,

On all who desire a burning pyre,

Where they wish we redily catch fire.


Then the demon in us will perspire,

Will breathe its last , 

 Counting its pulse would be every heart's desire.

Zero when they will read,

Will smile at you and finally we will get what we all need.


So a desire to  be loved in everyone is common,

But one who renders every bit in love is obviously not a DEMON !


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