The Extremes

She Was Different!

The Extremes
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Everyone feels, loves, smiles, cries and laughs differently and then they are judged! Especially when it's a woman. Respect, live, let live , love, explore, dare and accept yourself.

          THE EXTREMES 

Her cries , her laughs , her smiles  her frowns , 

They find it a little too off the scale. 

Her strength , her confidence , her grace, her rage, 

It's all a lot for them to take. 


Their anger is her fury , 

Her legend is their story , 

So what if she feels so deeply , 

So what if she's on the verge of extremity? 


She finds it hard to stay sad for long ,

Your right is definitely her wrong , 

You want it subtle but it's not her , 

She wants the pitch high for every song . 


You're white, you're light , she's black, she's scarlet , 

I know she's something you don't easily get . 

It's okay, let her breathe! 

Let her embrace her extremities . 


She's flying high, why are you scared ? 

She's bared more than you are bared,

and has she dared ? Yeah, she has!

She cries a lot, but did she complain ! 


You say she jumps high when excited, 

You want to forbid that , don't you ? 

Go on stop her , she'll be too hurt , 

Freeing someone may be new for you. 


New for you , but she was born free, 

She was caged, caged by your insecurities, 

She let herself go, you let go off her , 

She wants her space , She wants her moon.


I know you feel that's too surreal , 

May be magical , may be fantastical , 

On her own terms , yes you heard that right!

She'll spread her wings, and oh so soon! 


Yes now she's free, let out a sigh,

She's out of your claws, in the limitless sky,

And somewhere among the stars she sighs too, 

But her's of a relief  and your's of a "why"!




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