Blooming in the midst of stars

Understanding our individuality as our identity

Blooming in the midst of stars
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This poem is about accepting our uniqueness and shine beyond hurdles which strengthens our will to achieve what we want.

Is it easy to bloom 

in midst of stars?

I am the universe,

created by universe.

I often claim to reach heights

and be in midst of stars and shine bright.

But, is it easy to bloom

in midst of stars?

My identity is shaped by a brutal society

which curbs my freedom and breaches my entity.

It is not that easy to bloom in midst of stars

unless I rebel and become a man

in woman's shape and fight for my rights.

Why is this world so insanely hostile?

Just because I am a woman

It fails to understand me.

This society feels free by capturing me

inside four walls of domesticity.

I strive hard to become a woman 

but situations don't favour a woman.

When I try to become a man,

society asks me to behave like a woman.

I am confused in my own skin

and I am confused with my own being...

I am alive with a shroud hanging around me

selling me and butchering me 

with ethics of society.

But I will fight for my identity

and I will create my own destiny.

Impossible is not a feminist word 

and I lack pessimism's vocablury.

I will fight and win back my identity,

I will shape it to rise beyond society's hypocrisy.

I shall not be judged by binaries

but I will win the battleship by moving beyond these fallacious instincts.

It is not easy to bloom 

in midst of stars 

But I am the universe and I will win my destiny.

There is nothing to hide,

I know my powers and I will create a name

so high that people will identify 

without seeing me after I silently shine.



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Can you write about tips to write poetry I will like it


Shine all you can, this is a hard and cold world that is it. But to be a woman in certain societies is very difficult at the easiest times. Nothing beats a good poem that makes you think and feel at the same time. If you wrote this I have to say you done a good job. I will look for more in the future.


Thanks a ton.